The LifeLine

The Crisis Line offers a free 24-hour phone line to all residents of Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Grundy, Lincoln, Moore and Warren Counties. Not to be confused with 911 emergency services, the crisis line serves as a safe place to call and discuss personal problems while also receiving calls from victims of spousal, child, or elder abuse. These callers receive a trained telephone worker who will listen to their story and offer assistance through referral and support services.

Reassurance Program

Our CONTACT Reassurance Program volunteers call elderly and/or disabled individuals who are home bound each day at a designed time. Our volunteers check on their overall well-being, remind them to take medication as prescribed, and provide a link to life with a friendly visit over the phone. This service is provided at no cost to the client or their family. CONTACT receives referrals for this program from doctors, family members, home health agencies, and ordinary citizens. As an added benefit, this program enables many people to remain self-reliant who may not otherwise have that opportunity.


The Teen Program offers a confidential 1-800 line for teens to call 24-hours per day, seven days per week. In addition, CONTACT has plans to implement a computer instant messaging system that will make this service even more accessible for today’s youth. This service provides teens an outlet to discuss their feelings and the problems they are facing. CONTACT has established a Facebook page primarily directed at teens. A primary goal of this program is to work closely with teachers, guidance counselors, and juvenile courts to provide an outlet for teens to talk freely and anonymously over the phone or internet before their anger or depression explodes into tragedy


CONTACT BEAR is aimed for those children in elementary or middle school. Children can call and find a person to talk to when they are scared, have a problem too big for them to handle on their own, but are afraid to talk to mom and/or dad. This program provides comfort to children who need a caring person to talk to or just an ear to listen to the events of their day. This program gives the younger person someone to walk their ideas and problems through with and even encourage them to reach out to their parents.  This program is not meant to replace emergency numbers or established family procedures, but to encourage the child to open a line of communication up with parents, teachers or guidance counselors. However, this program is currently under revision to make sure that we are meeting all State and Federal guidelines regarding the care and comfort of children. We are looking forward to getting this back up and operational!