There are times when we find ourselves wrestling with problems we can't resolve.  It seems like no matter what we try the situation doesn't improve.  This is when we need trustworthy counsel.  Here at the Family Counseling Center our staff provide counseling in a manner that addresses the spiritual needs and respects each individuals religious beliefs and values while working together towards healing and recovery.

The Family Counseling Center is a non-profit Christian Counseling Center.  We are not affiliated with any denomination and offer services to all people regardless of faith or religious background.  Our counselors are Christian and endeavor to counsel in a way that agrees with Biblical principles.  

Our focus is not on generating profits, but on providing needed professional services for the communities we serve.  Most of our clients pay for services for themselves; however in today's economy this can present as a hardship to each individual and their families.  Preventing them from getting the help they need.

The Family Counseling Center seeks and accepts donations as a means to offset the cost of providing professional services to clients who are unable to pay or need a reduced rate.