With our Reassurance Program, we have been able to help the elderly or physically disabled persons stay in their homes for longer. We have provided 3858 daily phone calls to these shut-ins, disabled or elderly people to give a daily check in to make sure that they are safe. It is through these phone calls we have enabled them to feel safe within their own homes. We have also been able to connect them to other community agencies to get meals-on-wheels, home health services, as well as resources that can help them with either loss of sight or mobility issues. Through this program we have been and will be able to identify needs of the aging and help keep them in their homes longer. We have a client that has been with us since the inception of the program 37 years ago and in 2017, at the age of 99 she was moved into an assisted living facility. Her services continue through us and our volunteers take the time to go and sit and visit with her almost daily. We have also been able to connect civic organizations with those who need ramps and mobility assistance equipment. As 2019 proceeds it is our goal to triple our current call volume to include more people. 

" I am on a fixed income and was having to pay for much needed medical supplies. The volunteers here helped me connect with my insurance company and now all of my supplies are free."

" I was home alone when I heard someone at my door trying to get it. I pulled my emergency cord at the apartment but was scared. I knew Contact would be there and they were always so good to me so I called them and we talked quietly together while I waited on the police to arrive."

" I really enjoy talking to the young man that calls me everyday. He makes me laugh a lot. He is always checking to see what I have had for lunch or breakfast. We always have a good conversation when he calls."

"My sister used this company when she lived alone. She always talked about how friendly and carrying they were. She took a bad fall one night after I left her. If it wasn't for these people my sister would not have been found a live. She broke her hip in the fall and was slipping into a diabetic crisis when help arrived. She would always say the Contact Angels saved her life."